Warehousing Services

Storage and Fulfillment for Textiles and Wallpaper

unrolling a roll of striped woven fabric

Receiving and Inspection of Goods

  • Top of the line textile inspection on underlit rolling tables ensures all materials are examined for quality
  • Receiving reports provided to clients plus monthly inventory management services
  • CFA inventory services available for new dye lots and product arrivals
interior of a large warehouse space with fabric rolls on racks, wrapped in plastic

Textile and Wallpaper Storage

  • Our climate and light controlled facilities ensure fabrics are properly stored
  • Each fabric roll is inspected prior to storage
  • Fabrics and wallpaper are spaced appropriately for optimal ventilation
  • Velvets are stored on suspended racks
united states map with a pin on Plainville, Kansas, and dotted lines extending to different parts of the country

Textile and Wallpaper Fulfillment

  • Our Plainville, Kansas facility is centrally located in the US for faster delivery service
  • Same day order fulfillment
  • CFA order fulfillment
  • Exclusive discounted shipping rates provided for clients

Your partner for stress-free fulfillment.